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Population & Demographics

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The City of Buckeye is one of the fastest growing city in the U.S. and Arizona’s largest city by land area with more than 639 square miles of municipal planning area.

Since 2000, Buckeye’s population has grown from 6,537 to an estimated 89,000 today, or an increase of over 82,000 people.  Growth within Buckeye is expected to increase in the coming years, as other areas within metro Phoenix are built out or are constrained by physical and geopolitical limitations (i.e. Indian communities, U.S. Forest Service lands, mountain ranges, etc.).  Buckeye’s entitled land can support an ultimate build out population of over 1.5 million, which would make it the second most populous city in Arizona after the City of Phoenix.

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 The May 1, 2020 city estimate of 89,000 is based on the following methodology:

•MAG estimate for 7/1/19 is 81,624
•During 2019 the City issued 2,651 new residential building permits.
•Average household size per U.S. Census figures is 3.2 persons per household
•2,651 new units with 3.2 persons per unit equals 8,483 new residents for the entire year
•The new estimated population on 5/1/20 (10 months of growth) would therefore be: 81,624 (7/1/19 MAG estimate) + 7,066 (8,483 annual population growth x 0.833) = 88,690 estimated population -- rounded to 89,000

Source: Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) Socioeconomic Projections of Population, housing and Employment, July 1, 2019

*Source: Buckeye Special Census 2015



With a rapidly growing population, Buckeye’s average household income is projected to increase by almost $15,000 and average home values to increase by over $40,000 over the next five years.

City of Buckeye (Master Planning Area) 2019 2024
Households 22,284 25.553
Median Age 33 32
Population 16+ in Labor Force  94.7% -
Median Household Income $67,380 $77,252
Average Household Income $84,028 $99,085
Average Household Size 3.55 3.55
Average Home Value $299,937 $340,136

Source: ESRI Business Analytics Online, Jan. 2020

Drive Times for Population from Verrado Way & I-10

Travel Time 2019 2024
10 Minutes  75,597 86,509 
15 Minutes 179,933 202,319
20 Minutes 417,713 464,304
25 Minutes 732,380 804,374
30 Minutes 1,104,636 1,200,992

Source: ESRI Business Analytics Online, Jan., 2020.