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Film/Photography Permit

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Thank you for your interest in the city of Buckeye as a possible filming location. These guidelines outline the city’s process for commercial filming requests. A film permit is required for the commercial use of any public street, road, alley, or right-of-ways within the city of Buckeye.

Process Overview:

  1. Submit a completed Film/Photography Permit Application online or by mail to the city’s Marketing & Communication Department within 30 days of filming date.


    Address information should read:

    530 East Monroe Avenue, Buckeye AZ 85326.


  2. Submit a Certificate of Commercial General Liability Insurance naming the city of Buckeye as “Additionally insured” on the Certificate of Insurance.
  3. Submit Film/Photography Billing Agreement.
  • The submittal of your documentation and proposal does not imply or give approval for your shoot. A representative from the city of Buckeye will contact you within 24 business hours to discuss your proposed shoot and estimated fees.

City Requirements

  • Public property shall, at all times be made accessible to emergency personnel
  • The permit holder shall be responsible for restoring any area used pursuant to a permit to the same condition it was in prior to use by the permit holder
  • Vehicles must remain in parking areas, no driving on sidewalks or turf
  • Costs incurred for the use of city equipment or city employees including Police and Fire personnel, must be reimbursed to the city by the permit holder
  • The permit holder shall confine all activities to the locations and time schedule approved by the city
  • Shots, including exterior shots, showing the city’s name, logo or other identifiable symbols associated with the city cannot be used without approval from Buckeye’s Economic Development Department and/or Marketing & Communications Department
  • Filming minors (under 18) without prior written authorization from the minors’ guardians is prohibited
  • Filming shall be limited to the purposes set forth in the approved proposal, which becomes part of the permit

If you are interested in obtaining a Film/Photography permit from the city of Buckeye, please complete the entire Film/Photography Application process.

Please keep in mind we will need to review the application and required documentation before granting a permit. Submitting the application should in no way be construed as a final approval or confirmation of your request.

Filming at a Residential Home, Private Property, or on a Sidewalk in Buckeye

Off-duty city personnel WILL BE required if ANY of the below criteria are met:

  • More than 2 Essential Vehicles (1 ton trucks or greater including motor homes) parked in a city right-of-way
  • 10 or more personal vehicles (including all talent, agency and other individuals who may come and go from set) parked in a city right-of-way
  • Working guns on set firing blanks
  • Prop guns displayed within public view
  • Filming in the street or other city right-of-way
  • Car-to-car filming
  • Intermittent Traffic Control (ITC)
  • Blocking or “taking out” a lane of traffic
  • Special Effects are utilized (example: fire)
  • Complaints received from neighbors
  • After Hours Filming (between 10 p.m. - 6 a.m.)
  • If filming impedes or disrupts foot traffic on sidewalks

Final determination for the need of off-duty personnel will be determined by the city’s Economic Development Department and/or Marketing & Communications Department.


All street barricading and signage placement must be done by a licensed barricade company and set up according to the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control.

Privately-Operated, Publicly Owned Facilities 

Standard use fees and separate contracts may apply.

Special Effects


If the intent is to discharge firearms including blanks within the city limits, an off-duty uniformed police officer will be required on the set. Weapons must be inspected by the production company’s weapons handler and the off duty officer prior to bringing onto the set. Dispatch will be notified by the officer prior to and after discharge of blanks.


Special effects operators must have a federal ATF license and meet requirements of the Buckeye Fire and Medical Rescue Department in order to obtain necessary fire department permits. Permit fees vary.